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While exploring fresh sounds combined with an updated structure, Sandeville constantly seeks the latest trends. Inspired by classic house music, his personality and identity reflect on his unique productions.

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Raphael Siqueira has more than 100,000 listeners and 1 million monthly plays on Spotify, which places the producer among the most listened to electronic music artists in Brazil. Recently, Robotic Sounds, his seconf project name reached the milestone of +2 million plays on SPOTIFY. In addition, Raphael Siqueira has its songs played by great DJs from the National and World scene.

Chemical Disco is certainly one of the new exponents of the national electronic scene.

With important releases by Bunny Tiger, Só Track Boa and One Stamp Records, the DJ and producer Alexandre Matoso is the one who signs the Chemical Disco project. The songs Last Night I Meet Puff in partnership with Vintage Culture, Ready Or Not with Zerky and the reinterpretation Luv Me Now had positive repercussions wherever he played, opening the doors to memorable performances in renowned clubs such as Green Valley, The Garden and El Fortin. Currently, his productions are characterized by mixing deep and tech house with traditional progressive elements, as can be seen in Dance With The Stars.

Leonardo Zanon is the name behind the ZALEØN project. Since he was little, he was raised close to music and wherever he goes, he carries his love for it. Dedicating himself more and more, he always tries to show his listeners that, in electronic music, there are no barriers to create. Mixing strands, its sound is loaded with striking melodies and heavy "Drops", everything the listeners want to hear.

BRIZE, Jonathan Rodrigo was born in Jaraguá do Sul, SC and started his career as a music producer, with tracks released on Alphabeat Records, Our Dance Order and Muzenga Records, Gustavo Mota and Bruno Mattos record label, BRIZE is now starting as a DJ in the Brazilian music scene. After taking the DJ course at Grande Aimec, holder of the title of best DJ school in Brazil 5 times, with its original tracks in the Tech House style, Bass House, Brazilian Bass and Slap House, BRIZE is now looking for space in clubs and events to bring the best possible feeling to the public, with outstanding performances, full of energy and heavy drops.