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Colønel is a duo on the rise, formed by Daniel and Léo, from Brazil. The project was founded in 2019 based on sharing the passion for electronic music since childhood, in Maceió(AL). Having roots in Bass House and Tech House, the duo, which has already surpassed 330k streams in platforms, is characterized by the production of songs with strong bass lines and strong leads, which transmit a lot of energy to their listeners.

They have shared the stage with artists such as: Illusionize, Victor Lou, Liu, Almanac, Mochakk, Sterium among others, and closed the year 2020 releasing music on the first EP of the Lemon Drops label, founded by KVSH.

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Raphael Siqueira has more than 100,000 listeners and 1 million monthly plays on Spotify, which places the producer among the most listened to electronic music artists in Brazil. Recently, Robotic Sounds, his second project name reached the milestone of +2 million plays on SPOTIFY. In addition, Raphael Siqueira has its songs played by great DJs from the National and World scene.

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Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Vladimir Gershanov aka (DJ Gastronom) is a professional DJ since 1999. He worked as a resident of Mytos-Charlotte, North Carolina, Pasha-NY, Arena-Chicago clubs. DJ Expo, Best DJ 2006 Electro House Vinyl DJ, Atlantic City, makes culinary and music shows, DJ Gastronom, co-author and co-producer of the Double Lime project, participant of the Ultra World Festival, Miami, 2020. Teacher and owner of a music school for DJs - DJ Gastronom, Chicago.

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