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Johnson Souza, known as JohnBXD is from Rio de Janeiro, born in Baixada Fluminense. He has been working in the musical field since adolescence, where he has traveled through different musical genres until today, acquiring experience that currently resulted in a career parallel to the stages of music producer. John says that being curious is his biggest motivation to always try new challenges, where he currently invests in his Mashups projects in which he manages to unite different styles, using all his versatility, giving a new look to already established songs. With the growth and national recognition of RAP and EDM, John believes to conquer the public with his authorial songs, produced by him in the “love song footprint” as he says.

Edgar Lopez aka "Edlez" Brazilian Producer currently lives in Asuncion Paraguay he started the musical world from an early age, Today he is climbing to the top of the scene. And already making his name known Internationally.

Gabi Giordan is a DJ and producer in the electronic scene, working in the House/Techno field. Gabi, has a presence in important clubs in the country, already playing in festivals of up to 50 thousand people and with shows in several states of Brazil and abroad such as the United States, Bolivia and Paraguay. Gabi Giordan, has been standing out in the main media such as djmagbr, house mag, electrovibez, playbpm, GZH, among others... Alphabeat Records. In 2020, she was ranked 31st among the best DJs in the top # 100 South America of the DJanetop poll. She recently launched her own label Housewood Records, focused on electronic music.

Moved by music, Carol Fávero developed her mixing skills and love for house music and its aspects inspired by the masters Marquinhus SP and Sandro Valente, famous residents of the Privilège club, in Juiz de Fora/MG, the artist's hometown. A regular at Privilège, Carol won the opportunity to play at the house until this exhibition brought her local attention. In a short time, the singer was invited to perform at the Soul Trip Festival (Petrópolis/RJ), Danke Club (Juiz de Fora/MG) and at Privllège itself, at the group's second home, in Búzios/RJ. The nights led by Carol are memorable, where she had the pleasure of performing on the same stage where names such as Kvsh, Cat Dealers, Barja, Dubdogz, among other highlights of the national scene, played. In addition to focusing on her career as a DJ and producer, the artist is also the creator of the SOMUS project, a platform dedicated to dialogue, support, encouragement and dissemination of women in the electronic music scene.