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Benicci | World Peace Mix

"I wish you all much joy and happiness and I hope we can live in a world of Peace"

This set was made with my best tracks, to have a greater connection with the tracks I wanted to mix for Vex label, trying to convey all the peace I feel with music and the love I feel for electronic music, trying to pass this feeling through a mix subtle, and very well chosen and produced tracks.

I wish you all much joy and happiness and I hope we can live in a world of Peace,

where we think of each other as brothers and not as enemies. Music unites, heals and purifies and I think we all deserve a fair and honest life to be able to live in such a way.

Benicci is a DJ and producer raised in a family immersed in the artistic and cultural environment, and in a short time since the creation of the project, he already has releases on labels in Switzerland, Greece, Germany, England, Spain, Ukraine and Brazil, reaching the Top100 in the Beatport twice, reaching thousands of streams on Spotify, and conquering more and more space on the scene with its sound that mixes melodic and progressive elements of House.


1 - Benicci, Delfrates - Apollo 11

2 - Benicci, URANNIA - keep The faith ( Dekaz remix )

3 - Ravok - Blame [Vex]

4 - Benicci feat. Thayna Valle - Dream

5 - URANNIA, Benicci - Alone

6 - Gabi Giordan - Paradise [Vex]

7 - GOTTI (BR), Thayana Valle - Stranger [Vex]

8 - Benicci, URANNIA - Don’t Stop

9 - Benicci - Sirius

10 - Vicissu, Benicci feat. Siara Killer - Changes

11 - URANNIA, Benicci - Fly

12 - Violet K, Benicci - Hold Me Close

13 - Botafonico



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