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Updated: Aug 2

FRAAAN seeks to connect people through music and does so in different ways, one of which is as a DJ and music producer. With passage through renowned parties and festivals in Brazil, responsible for the agency FS Music Branding. Promise to release more and more songs to connect us anywhere!

Juliano Lucas aka NENND, Born in Porto Alegre Brazil. Since childhood he carries a good musical background, in his late teens he took his first steps as a DJ and soon became interested in producing music, in his creations he likes strong and striking melodies in order to connect people through sound.

Daphne, Brazilian singer, songwriter and musician since her 11 years old, Daphne started as live vocalist in 2017 and Dj/Producer at the end of 2018. Daphne seek to bring the emotion of house music vocals, with aggressive bass lines, and percussions that keeps the dance floor buzzing, while performing as Dj and live vocal.

Music is a soul’s dialogue, which exposes the artist's truth and opens the public's mind.

After collaborations with artists like Paranormal Attack, Claudinho Brasil, Doozie, Devochka and many others, Daphne used her years in this industry to experience everything e-music is capable to give us. Now she starts a new phase in her career focusing on her own productions, inspired on house music, with own original compositions and strong vocals.

Updated: Jul 21

BRANNCO stands out in the electronic scene as an experienced and constantly evolving artist. He built his career as a resident of the best clubs in RS, such as Afrika, Jimbaran, Wari Club, República de Madras and Meat Club. Currently, the DJ is a Resident at CLUB 688 in Porto Alegre. Having a great time as a music producer, Brannco scored one of the hits of the year in partnership with Dubdogz and Rodrigo Luca: the remake of “Dog Days Are Over”. The song has already surpassed the mark of 6 million plays on digital platforms.

All the years on the road, musical background and refined taste provide him with the background to produce songs with the potential to become hits and at the same time drive a track in perfect harmony.

Choujaa, Dj and Producer From Morocco, With over 250k Monthly Listeners on Spotify.

Signed to more than 15 labels worldwide from the likes of Protocol Recordings by Nicky Romero, Armada , Sosumi records by Kryder , Soave and many more.

His music got supported by many big artists out there , like Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike , Don Diablo , Nicky Romero , Timmy trumpet , Blasterjaxx , R3HAB , Mike Williams and many more.

LYZZ (real name: Lisa Dijkman) is an electronic music producer and singer/songwriter. Originally from the Netherlands, Lisa grew up in a musical family as the daughter of a guitar builder. She started singing and playing guitar and piano from a young age. Lisa is a completely self-taught singer, pianist and music producer. From a very young age she was always interested in writing songs, music gear and recording herself. It started off with a multi tracker with cassette tapes when she was only 11, soon to be followed by midi programmable workstations and synthesizers, and finally her first music production software when she was 18.

She started producing and writing her new ideas and in 2019 the project LYZZ was born. After working 8 years abroad in the Middle East and Berlin LYZZ beeing back in the Netherlands and working her new great collab with artists BRANNCO, Choujaa, Mr.Sid, George Z and many others. Lyzz is currently working on amazing new live show soon to be seen on festival dates to be announced.