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Daphne - GASOLINE [Vex Release] out now!

Daphne, Brazilian singer, songwriter and musician since her 11 years old, Daphne started as live vocalist in 2017 and Dj/Producer at the end of 2018. Daphne seek to bring the emotion of house music vocals, with aggressive bass lines, and percussions that keeps the dance floor buzzing, while performing as Dj and live vocal.

Music is a soul’s dialogue, which exposes the artist's truth and opens the public's mind.

After collaborations with artists like Paranormal Attack, Claudinho Brasil, Doozie, Devochka and many others, Daphne used her years in this industry to experience everything e-music is capable to give us. Now she starts a new phase in her career focusing on her own productions, inspired on house music, with own original compositions and strong vocals.



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