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Felguk, Scarlatelli, Sheyla Bonnick - "Sunny" [Vex Release] out now!

Experience and over ten years of history make Felguk a reference in Dance Music. It was one of the first Brazilian projects to perform at the Belgian Tomorrowland and also participate in major international festivals such as Ultra Miami, Burning Man, Rock In Rio, among others. The years on the road opened space for other names in Brazil on the international scene and confirmed the strength of the Brazilian market. // Experience and more than ten of history have turned Felguk into Dance Music references. One of the first Brazilians to play at Tomorrowland Belgium, the project also participated in international festivals like Ultra Miami, Burning Man, Rock In Rio, among others. Years on the road have opened doors to other Brazilian names abroad and confirmed the Brazilian market strength.

One of the biggest names on the rise in the national market! Scarlatelli is an electronic music project, influenced by the world scene, standing out for its musical versatility. He passed by name clubs such as Privilege, Silk Beach Club and PinkElephant Rio, in addition to the Labels: P12 Tour, Warung Tour, Rio Me, Sirena Tour, MOB Tour and Camarote do King at the Marquês de Sapucaí Sambadrome Carnival, sharing booth with big names from the national scene such as: Alok, Vintage Culture, Felguk, CatDealers, among others. And international ones like Adriatique, Kolombo, Pete Tha Zouk and Mark Ursa. In his most recent work as Music Producer, Scarlatelli joined Banda Fuze, K2L artists on the single “Seja Leve” that totaled more than one million reproductions in less than 1 month. He shared a studio with Felguk on the Remix of “Love Tonight”, a song that quickly fell in love with the crowd! It surpassed the 2M mark of Plays in “Can't Hold Us”, a song in partnership with the acclaimed Beowulf and Galck, released by Sony, in addition to the release of the official remix of “The Funky Drama”, by Felguk, by HUB Records, also demonstrating its producer side. He already has an International Tour in Argentina in 2019 in his curriculum, in addition to playing in more than 14 states throughout Brazil. His sets are remarkable and his burst of energy doesn't leave anyone standing on the track. And oh! "Are you DJ?"

Sheyla Bonnick is a singer/songwriter performer Co-producer fashion designer author among other things. Born in Jamaica and brought up in England. Her name was previously spelled as Sheila Bonnick and Sheila Bonnique. Sheyla Bonnick’s name made history when she became the first leading singer of “Boney M 1975”. The powerful, incendiary and phenomenal voice of Sheyla Bonnick sounds on stage from the day the band was found.

That voice gives one shivers in « the Rivers of Babylon», the unreal rhythm of «Sunny» makes you want to dance , and the first verse of «Rasputin» gets you on the dance floor.

Vex is honored to present you this incredible partnership with US Label MEGAO!

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