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Flakkë x Vex @ Taverna Medieval

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

The São Paulo natural Francisco Borelli is actively shaping the Brazilian EDM landscape, heavily influenced by proven artists such as KSHMR, Cazztek and Chris Lake, Flakkë was able to innovate and impact electronic music listeners around the globe.

Flakkë working together with exceptional artists such as KVSH, Catdealers, Beowulf, Dubdogz, Mariana BO and releasing remarkable hit songs, has produced a meteoric rise in Flakkë's career. Besides having only two years under this current project, Flakkë is one of the 50 most listened Brazilian DJ's in Spotify.

Songs like Neurose, Falling and Me Gusta shook the industry to its core, showing that Brazil really is about diversity; his ethnic-sounding tunes are a proven success as Flakkë currently has over 690 thousand monthly listeners in Spotify, not to mention over 60 million plays across all platforms.

It is no surprise that the legendary record label Sony Music wanted to release Flakkë's first album: Falling is an 8-piece long journey that has already achieved massive numbers. The thematic album has a flawless balance of genres, from trap-infused tunes to the classic Flakkë sound the listener can feel his musicality and creativity when it comes to designing new exciting sounds.

This fast-paced growth certainly Flakkë did not go under the radar of the biggest DJs on the planet; has achieved stellar supports from the likes of Alok, Tiesto, Oliver Heldens, Vintage Culture, Merk & Kremont and Fedde Le Grand to name a few.

We invite everyone to Vex.Distro Youtube Channel to support Flakkë.


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