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hollywhaaat x vex @ season finale

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

We invite you to a real adventure in his latest set with storytelling, like the classics of cinema!

Mixing new tech house with other unusual genres – thriller, horror, drama, action – hollywhaaat surprises by creating contemporary electronic music inspired by the universe of cinema and pop culture. in other words: the soundtrack goes until the after. whaaat?

"The project has a super audiovisual footprint and invites us to a real adventure in its sets with storytelling, like the classics of cinema: with a beginning, middle, end and full of easter eggs and plot twists."

Throughout them, we can hear reinterpretations of songs immortalized on the big screen, melodies that play with Hollywood themes, unforgettable lines, inspiring speeches and emotional scenes reproduced in a way we've never seen – or heard – before.

Everything is the result of a long repertoire of mashups, edits, bootlegs and authorial tracks that give a cinematographic context to tracks made for the dancefloor, in a kind of director's cut made by the artist. cut.

Collecting influences ranging from the house and tech house of Noizu, Gorgon City, BYOR, Dombresky, Dom Dolla and Disclosure to the good musical taste of directors Quentin Tarantino and Damien Chazelle and the scores of Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone and Bernard Herrmann, hollywhaaat takes to a new level something present in both music and film: all we know is a remix of a remix of a remix. we are only in the first episode of the first season of this electrifying journey. watch from the front row where it can take us.

We invite everyone to Vex.Distro Youtube Channel to support hollywhaaat.


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