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HÜVE - "Love Got You" [Vex Release] out now!

Rian Vilarim aka HÜVE is Brazilian producer from sunny Northeast region of Brazil, specifically Pernambuco, were he was born 19 years ago in a city called Floresta. Always influenced by music and technology he started his career as a music producer at only 15 years old. His greatest inspirations are MARTIN GARRIX, MOJJO, VINNE and NUZB. In 2019, he created the HÜVE project, with references from Tech House, Bass House and Brazillian Bass. Throughout his career, HÜVE has produced official remixes for Hungrian Hip Hop, Lourena and AZZY. He is also known for his outstanding creativity and feeling to adapt the music to the party going on as well as his remarkable and unique musical sensitivity.



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