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Mehen - Personal Jesus [Vex Release] out now!

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Mehen is a project by Eduardo Filipe, DJ, music producer, and instrumentalist, he created the project aimed at reaching the most varied audiences in the electronics industry.

Mehen is present in Egyptian culture and refers to a snake god who protected Ra during the journey where the god had to fight or escape from Apep, the great serpent of the underworld.

The Mehen project comes with the premise of delivering the new again, bringing out the spirit and heart of electronic music. The Mehen project is based on a compilation of deep house, house and tech house, a simple and ingenious combination, capable of bringing electronics lovers back to their golden age with releases on giant labels, such as Só Track Boa . Mehen has been getting strong support in the electronic music scene. Vintage Culture, KVSH, Meca and Ownboss, were some of the main artists to give this support.


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