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Naffe x Vex @ Cave Brandalise

Born in Rio Grande do Sul, in love with house music, NAFFE has always accompanied her father, the DJ and producer Brannco from an early age, in his presentations at various clubs in RS. That's how NAFFE fell in love with the DJ career.

She started her classes with the best teacher she could have, her father. She promptly showed a natural talent and intimacy, confirming that the song is in her DNA. Her first performance as Djane was doing a warmup at Club Bauhaus, in Rio Grande, receiving a lot of positive feedback. From then on, she never stopped. She reached two residences in her state, Bangâlo Estação Club and Rosario Resto Lounge.

With her talent, she quickly conquered clubs outside the state such as MAHAU Restaurante Bar (São Paulo) and PANDOO (Curitiba). In addition to paternal support, NAFFE was sponsored by DJ and producer Karine Larré, who from the beginning opened many doors.

Inspired by Nora En Pure, and Don Diablo, the young woman always tries to give the best to each track she presents, showing all her dedication, feeling and charisma that can take her very far in her career.

We invite everyone to Vex.Distro Youtube Channel to support NAFFE.


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