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NEONHELM X TonyZ - Never Be The Same [VexRelease] out now!

Always trying to bring new and fresh elements, that's the approach presented in new music!

Moisés Alves, also known as NEONHELM, born in São Paulo on June 17, 1999 is a Brazilian electronic music DJ, musician and music producer.

At the age of 23, he independently built his musical career. It has already been among some of the biggest editorial playlists of the Brazilian electronic scene, along with great artists such as Alok, Felguk, Dubdogz, among others...

His musical philosophy is; "In music there are no rules, there is no 'right way to do it', music has no expiration date or label." He usually mixes several elements from several electronic aspects in his productions, thus, he is never stuck to a single genre or style, he is always daring, always looking for something new, something "out of the box".

Antonio Jolabe also known as TonyZ is a Brazilian artist, born in Osasco, São Paulo on August 20th, 1998. His entry into the musical world began with his musical studies still in his childhood at 8 years old with saxophone lessons. Over the years, TonyZ also became interested in learning other instruments such as guitar, piano. In 2014, he created his first music channel on YouTube, focused on electronic music, it was inspired by some artists like Avicii, Martin Garrix, Alan Walker and other NCS artists, after some time listening to eletronic music he started to produce his first own songs. In 2017, TonyZ, was one of the pioneers to make songs with the theme: "Inspired by " and started to be known by that.

His first sucess world hit called "Road So Far", an original song inspired by the classic style of Alan Walker and Ahrix. Currently this song has over 70 million views on YouTube. Nowadays, TonyZ, after some break, is back and aiming for other horizons in electronic music, such as the Deep house scene. Always trying to bring new and fresh elements, that's the approach present in his music!


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