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Raphael Siqueira & Armud - If You Wanna [Vex Release] out now!

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Raphael Siqueira has more than 100,000 listeners and 1 million monthly plays on Spotify, which places the producer among the most listened to electronic music artists in Brazil. Recently, Robotic Sounds, his second project name reached the milestone of +2 million plays on SPOTIFY. In addition, Raphael Siqueira has its songs played by great DJs from the National and World scene.

Pedro Lúcio aka Armud, from Belo Horizonte, has been passionate about electronic music since he was ten years old. With a focus on becoming a high-level producer, three years ago he started his career with the project "Armud". Since then, Armud has been releasing quality tracks, getting good collaborations with artists already established in the Brazilian scene.



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