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Talkz & MÜNCH - "Loving Mind" [Vex Release] out now!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Talkz started the project in 2020 created by DJ and producer Wesley Maiores, with his exclusive music productions. His tracks have a lot of energy with their melodies and their frantic arpeggios. "The feeling is what counts most when developing my songs, bringing something unique to my creations". The quality of his production led his song "Bring It On" to be released by the major Brazilian electronic music label "Lemon Drops" by artist KVSH.

He is a versatile artist who is connected to different styles, which has resulted in collaborations with artists of great expression on the national scene such as KRIEGER. Supported by : HAAS, DANNE, Gusty, THONIG, Vicentini, Slow Sense, Foxel.

MÜNCH started the project in 2018, created by DJ/Producer João Luis Münch, who was only 13 years old. He was always connected to music, participating in bands and performing on radio and events when he was 7/12 years old. Now he seeks to stand out in the electronic music scene bringing a very diverse sound and always valuing quality. Partner of Extended Music and has already gained support in several large channels on Youtube such as: Extended Music, Raver, 1 Fox, Mixdeck, Vex.Distro and many more...



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