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Watzgood x Vex @ Juiz de Fora - Open Air Garage

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Make music that brings joy to people. It is with this mission that Watzgood was born, a project by DJs and producers Gabriel Ribeiro and Rodrigo Mazoco. The name itself says that the inspiration is the positive vibe, but it is the dedication to work and the experience that its members have guaranteed collabs with big names in the scene: Dubdogz, JØRD, Mecca, Gustavo Motta, Ownboss, Zuffo and many others .

Even with a short time of existence, the name Watzgood is already among the 100 most listened to electronic music producers in Brazil. The tracks ‘Eyes on Fire’ and ‘The System’, for example, already accumulate more than 1 million plays on Spotify each.

Among the most recent releases that have already conquered the public are ‘Phone Numbers’ feat. JØRD, ‘Bounce’ feat. Mecca, and an official remix of rapper L7NNON's hit 'Perdition'.

We invite everyone to Vex.Distro Youtube Channel to support Watzgood.


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