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Zambelli, Zeeman - The Most [Vex Release] out now!

André Zambelli is the name behind the project. The dj/producer/musician from Rio de Janeiro, who has already produced several genres, brought together experiences and studies inside and outside the country to transform his compositions into something that uniquely symbolize his identity. With already 5 songs released in a little more than 1 year of his career, he already has more than 3 million views on digital platforms, in addition to the support of great DJs/artists worldwide such as and Dutch. With a very well-developed sensibility and musicality, Zambelli is part of the new BR generation who wants to leave an international legacy!

Zeeman, a word of Dutch origin that means a sailor, a title that Dj/Producer Raul Oliveira has been printing in each of his songs and presentations. The incessant search for innovation, and the mission to deliver positive energy to everyone who follows his work, makes his sound come to be recognized around the world, and his name appears in the international electronic scene. A scholar and a lover of electronic music, what is to come will certainly please anyone who embarks on this journey.


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