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Aycond - Waiting Here For You [Vex Release] out now!

Aycond is a DJ who plays songs with melodies and vocals that move, but always with hints of songs that have become great classics.

Bringing to the track a super energy that makes it explode and doesn't let anyone stand still, he's always been innovating with sets that touch deep into the soul of those who listen. He uses a lot of remixes and mashup's that, most of the time, are done live, causing a discharge of sensations and experiences that are inexplicable!

Today, the DJ from Minas has been in the electronic scene for a few years, being respected by many DJs who have been in the market for much longer. He has already been requested by many producers for events in his follow-up, being a reference in electronic music in his region. He has participated in large events with an average attendance of over 15,000 people.

Since he was little, he has always had a great love of electronic music as he was heavily influenced by his younger uncle. When he reached his teens, he started to go to events and see the DJs playing and, thus, this love emerged not only for listening, but also for being the conductor who runs the dance floor! At the age of 15, he played for the first time as a professional DJ and, from that moment on, he never stopped.

Now, with a new phase in his career, Aycond is focused on producing his own songs, leaving more and more your set's with your face and your style.



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