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Cadett, Enigmix - "Alive" [Vex Release] out now!

Cadett is the name chosen to give life to the artistic alter ego of Gabriel Nunes, a 24-year-old Minas Gerais native born and raised in the city of Governador Valadares. As a result of the sum of his love for electronic music and the fact that he is extremely charismatic and extroverted, he has been winning Brazilian hearts for three years, when through his studies he refined his essence reaching a harmoniously floating project between the strands of Deep House, Tech House, Melodic House & Techno

With a fierce personality and great charisma, it didn't take long to Cicero Ribeiro, aka Enigmix, make his way into the electronic scene. Always pushed by the love for his art, he created his own way to express himself, resulting in major releases, including one EP that gathered 500k plays. Born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, he strong believes in music, art and culture, and brings all those elements into his tracks.



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