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Budemberg & Giovanni Moretti - "Just Can Try" [Vex Release]" out now!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

This Brazil-based DJ's and producers, with over 250.000 Streams on Spotify combined, have joined Vex to present a new 'Progressive House' hit single titled 'Just Can Try'.

Budemberg had his contact with electronic music studying on his own to find out how the mixing process worked, with the dream of someday playing in a big event.

"In the first months, I started to stand out with my sets on the internet and managed to play in several places in the interior of SP. That's when I got involved with music production."

With a lot of effort Budemberg managed to keep his sound at an incredible level and release on labels such as Warner Music, Fire Records, Mustache Crew, Subsense & Vex.Distro among others.

"Today my goal is to bring emotion with my music, not only focused on clubs, but also on telling a story through my compositions."

Giovanni Moretti, born in the interior of São Paulo and passionate about electronic music, made Giovanni Moretti start his career at 18, since 2011 he has been seeking learning and mixing techniques. Recently, his interest in music production has made him reach great achievements, being highlighted by major labels across the country and abroad.

Giovanni Moretti transcends the love for electronic music, leaving his identity for all his works and performances.


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