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D-Groov x Vex @ Joá (Rio de Janeiro)

Formed by DJs and music producers Daniel Ibeas and Rafael Waddington, D-Groov is one of the most up-and-coming duos on the Brazilian national electronic music scene and have already performed at major festivals such as Ultra Music Brasil, Planeta Atlântida and Rio Music Carnival.

Currently, the duo – in addition to maintaining their releases periodically and performing shows throughout Brazil – presents the program Festa Mix on Mix FM radio (102.1) and has already received support from several top artists from the scene such as Felguk, Bhaskar, Illusionize, Maz, Evokings and many others, presenting the best of "Progressive House" music trends in International electronic music scene.

We invite everyone to Vex.Distro Youtube Channel to support D-Groov.


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