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D-LAUD, Keoma (feat.Netto) - RIFF [Vex Release] out now!

D-LAUD, born from the DJ/Producer Celio Junio, born in Amazonas, has been standing out a lot in the scene and receiving several supports from Deadline, Hot-q, Netto, Dropack, etc. He had his music played by foo in one of the biggest clubs in world, 5 times best in the world (Green Valey).

And it doesn't stop there, one of D-LAUD's successful tracks is "Pararam pra reparation" in partnership with Differente Stage and Italo Rodrigues where it was released by the biggest tech house label in the world called "BLANC" where several big artists like :Fisher, Cloonee, Viot and among others who have already launched there.

D-LAUD has played in several places in both regional and national parties, has been standing out a lot and space in the Brazilian scene.

With more than 15 years of career, Lakatuch Keoma Ramos has gone through several musical genres. His first contact with music was at age 8, when he saw a regional group playing Boi-Bumbá, typical music from the northern region of Brazil. In addition, his father's hobby was playing the keyboard, thus bringing musical culture into his daily life and references that led to his musical diversity.


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