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EBONNE - "Never" [Vex Release] out now!

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

"Today I open a new partnership with Vex, a great label that has been conquering top producers and millions of listeners around the world, the track "Never" was made with the intention of passing energy and emotion to the listener through its contagious vocals and with the harmony of its elements."

Emanuel, creator of the EBONNE project, started his career 4 years ago in a city in the interior of Minas Gerais, after two years playing at the best parties in the region he saw that he needed something else, that's where he started to study and produce his own songs, and still not satisfied with the progress of the project, Emanuel decided to move to the big city, capital of Espirito Santo in search of new contacts, new opportunities.

Currently Emanuel released singles on major labels around the world, Emanuel had great support, one of them being the DJ and producer TCHAMI, today on Spotify has more than 100,000 listeners a month, and every day Emanuel been dedicating himself to new labels and great DJs.

"Never" was a track that I really enjoyed making, I made it with all the affection and dedication and I hope you enjoy this new release a lot!"



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