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Helvig, Giovanni Moretti - Anyway [VexHype] out now!

Giovanni Moretti and Helvig transcend their love for music by bringing all the energy to the dance floor.

Leonardo Lima is the alias of the DJ and music producer Helvig. Musician for over a decade, Helvig emerged in early 2020 and already has several collaborations with renowned artists from the national scene, such as: Audax, Brannco, KRIEGER and Malik Mustache, in addition to having the song “Fiction” as a soundtrack of a marketing campaign by Porsche, one of the biggest automotive brands in the world.

In constant rise, Helvig is not limited to styles and seeks to bring his best ideas through music, with many melodies and grooved drums

Born in the interior of São Paulo and passionate about electronic music, since 2017 Giovanni Moretti has been seeking learning and techniques in production. Achieving great Hits and being featured by major record labels in BR and internationally looking for their space.

Giovanni Moretti transcends his love for music, leaving his identity throughout his works, bringing all his energy to the dance floor.


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