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Jesus Luz, EdLez, Facuhn [Vex Release] out now!

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Internationally renowned DJ, Jesus Luz, is a guaranteed presence in the lineup of exclusive events as wherever there are crowds, he transforms his passage through large parties and festivals into shows. The showman has performed in American clubs such as The Boom Boom Room, the Rivington Hotel Penthouse, Dusk Nightclub in Atlantic City and Kiss & Fly in NY, in addition to the best electronic music festivals around the world. He has also been a headliner at events for the biggest names in fashion such as Dolce & Gabbana in Milan, Marc Jacobs and Thomas Sabo in London and Valentino in Paris. Always dedicated to social causes, the DJ was one of the attractions of the Philanthropic Dinner of the NGO Ampara Animal, one of the largest NGOs protecting animals in Brazil, where he made an exclusive set for the event.

Edgar Lopez aka "Edlez" Brazilian Producer currently lives in Asuncion Paraguay he started the musical world from an early age, Today he is climbing to the top of the scene. And already making his name known Internationally.

Facundo Ranilla Rivas aka FACUNH, DJ & Producer of Tech, Deep, House, Techno, Progressive House. In his career, he has Signed for international record labels such as '' Chocolate Dealer Records '', '' Ribox Records '', '' Red Delicious Records '', SIENA, Skullbusted, Unseen Label, among others. Facunh has several songs, among them his most popular songs are "Feelin 'This" and "Jackson's Hymn". It also has the support of international artists such as Ricki Persi, Lui Danzi, Kenny Brian, Jaime Narvaes, Gods Doctor, Pako rodriguez, Biddy, Stanny Abram, Macrolev, Withoutwork, Aftercluv, etc


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