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VEIG, Geluk - I Got The Bass [Vex Release] out now!

VEIG is an experience! The producer from Rio de Janeiro, Lucas Lopes, represents through his music, experiences that mix different energies and realities to create a unique connection with his audience.

Geluk, Known as "The Wizard" in reference to his first release by the Swiss label Sirup. Music, the DJ and producer from Rio de Janeiro has been showing great talent and represents new airs in the electronic scene of Rio and Brazil. The young man has strong House influences in his productions and has received support from artists such as Vintage Culture, Fancy Inc, EDX, Natalie Gioia, among other big names on the world stage. As a result of his releases, it became a "stamped figure" on the biggests electronic music portals in the country such as DJ Mag, Housemag, Playbpm, among others, and has been conquering more and more listeners, reaching 87 countries on Spotify and several playlists (including Editorial). The expectation around the producer is growing and he is undoubtedly one of the greatest promises of Electronic Music in Brazil in 2021.



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