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Kallak - Afraid Of Love [Vex Release] out now!

Kallak is the name of the project that expresses the desire to show how much music is valuable for the heart and soul. For him, music is a much more powerful communication, much more immediate and efficient than words. His musical identity is composed of the most variety of sounds: a mixture of classical, pop, rock and electronic music.

The passion for music has always been a hallmark: he studies and practices the most different musical instruments since his childhood. In 2020 he began his studies in DJing and music production to take all his experience to the universe of electronic music, always trying to dedicate himself to becoming a better person, a DJ and an artist.

Kallak continues to grow and work with a very clear life goal: to spread good times, fun and emotion to more and more people, in order to touch each one of them.



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