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Lê Granville - "So Blind" [Vex Release] out now!

If there's a name that we all have to keep an eye on in the electronic scene, it's definitely producer Lê Granville. He is from Campo Grande - Ms., And currently lives in Rio de Janeiro. With immersive tracks and great grooves, Lê Granville isn't tied to just one musical genre, as he believes that music has the power to transmit a very good energy to those who are listening regardless of the style, and his songs are made to touch the heart of the more people. Lê Granville has increasingly conquered the public, playing in the best places, and today he is the resident of the biggest carnival party in the world at the Sambódromo da Sapucaí, sharing a stage with producers such as Dubdogz, Cultura Vintage, Jetlag, and other great renowned DJs. Remember that name, and get ready for big releases.



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