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N1RVAAN - Dream [Vex Release] out now!

N1RVAAN, Formed in 2020 is a self-taught Dj/Producer who is experimenting with the music since 2011. As a musician He started his career as the Lead Vocalist in a metal band while pursuing his graduation. After playing lots of gigs all over the country, he thought of taking music to the next level by entering the Electronic Music world. He managed it by playing in Night clubs while working in an IT Company,

In 2020 he decided to launch 'N1RVAAN' and take it worldwide which offers groovy bass sound with melodic vibes including sub-genres like techno, melodic house and progressive. he believes the one who don't prefer energetic music will definitely like chill music.

So he created two modes for live performance, Power Mode & Chill Mode



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