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Naizon @ The Mixdown Podcast

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Naizon is a DJ and Producer who has been working his way up the ranks to worldwide recognition. Having spent his youth learning the art of sound engineering, becoming a master behind the mixing desk, he made the natural transition to music producing at the age of 18 before moving onto the decks. Since then, he has taken his unique musical stylings all over the world to countries such as Thailand, Australia and Switzerland.

From the beginning of his career, he has strived for perfection whilst developing a signature Tech House sound that is wholly unique to Naizon. His discography is seriously impressive with tracks such as ‘Pause’, ‘My House’ ‘Midnight’'Pause' and many more all receiving critical acclaim from fans and industry outlets alike.

More recently, to fill the rave shaped hole that COVID has left over 2020, Naizon has developed his very own radio show Naiz:On AIR. Delivering the very best, specially curated hits in the underground House scene. With the show gaining rapid traction, Naiz:On AIR can be found across the airwaves in countries such as Germany, USA, Greece, Netherlands and more along with all online platforms too. As the show grows, Naizon will be welcoming some very special guests so be sure to keep an eye out for new episodes. Don’t miss this train as it is flying out of the station fast. Momentum dictates the future and it is clear to see that Naizon is on a path to huge things in the months and years ahead.


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