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Raphael Siqueira, KAORU, WELKER - Bel Air [Vex Release] out now!

Raphael Siqueira has more than 100,000 listeners and 1 million monthly plays on Spotify, which places the producer among the most listened to electronic music artists in Brazil. Recently, Robotic Sounds, his second project name reached the milestone of +2 million plays on SPOTIFY. In addition, Raphael Siqueira has its songs played by great DJs from the National and World scene.

As the Brazilian EDM culture continues to give birth to new talent, Rafael Kaoru Endo started his DJ journey in 2014 as a Brazilian EDM DJ known by his professional name Kaoru. He is passionate about producing mixed songs to make his dream come true, He surprises his audience with his ability to keep the dance floor overflowing. Kaoru has big Collab with Brazilian singer GMeyer releases 'Papi' song with Cuban star Nesty, Latin Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter from Cuba. also have sick collab with THE FISH HOUSE from Brazil feat. Fame FAIELLA.

Eduardo Welker is the name behind the WELKER project. The Brazilian Producer, who has always been a lover of the electronic scene, has been exploring and putting his ideas through different styles, but mainly Tech House, Melodic Tech House and Progressive.

WELKER is currently living in California where he spreads his authentic musical style throughout the community and is reaching more and more streams, from commercial parties to festivals in the middle of the underground desert.



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