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Rehad, Meraki - "Just People" [Vex Release] out now!

Rehad is a Brazilian Dj and producer born in Brasília, he started producing during the Covid-19 pandemic in August 2020. Since then he has been making releases on Brazilian and International record labels. Lucas behind the project always seeks to evolve and improve his musical identity, making his sound stand out for the listener. Avoiding if he wants a style, Rehad produces from whatever comes to mind at the time of its production, making it possible to have music for different audiences and listeners.

MERAKI, the story begins on 2018. AKA Caio Marques, 24, from Brazil. MERAKI means doing something with love. put your soul into everything you do. Love in every detail. And that is what Caio have been trying to do! He always say “I’m not MERAKI, we are. All the people who listen and identify with my music. All the people who helped me on my journey until now. These people are MERAKI.” Hope you find what you looking for here! Stay home and stay safe


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