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Zoom Boxx, Marcos Ferrari - Slow Down [Vex Release] out now!

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Originated from the United States, performing on the east coast since 2003, ZOOM BOXX, initially formed by the brothers Sidney (guitar and vocals) and Felipe Oliveira (keyboards and vocals), years later gained more charm by incorporating vocalist Taty Cruz, who added her beautiful voice to the group.

With frequent international tours, the group has performed in China, the United States, Bolivia and Paraguay and, of course, throughout our beloved Brazil. With performances beyond exciting, the musicians take, in addition to a differentiated repertoire, with the most current in the Hip, House scene, adding to this a complete incredible stage production with and innovation and customized instruments with colored LED lights and large screens.

Marcos Ferrari is a young Brazilian Music Producer and DJ, born in Paraty, RJ - Brazil.

The young is known for his musical versatility, where he extends himself in several aspects - With a very strong influence on Pop with mixed with his EDM root. Marcos started in 2013 - At the age of 13, with the idea of mixing EDM sounds with a lot of vocalization.

Marcos became known with the single "Unforgettable", released in 2021. a collaboration in partnership with Slap House Mafia and Dksh. Unforgettable, made the producer fall in love with the segment, called Slap House. in 2022, he was invited by Mack H.D, to remix "Isolated", with vocals by Oga Silachi. The remix has conquered listeners in all corners of the world - and Marcos Ferrari has gained space wherever he goes with his tracks.


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