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Updated: Jan 6

Hadart from Curitiba delivers what the audience is looking for: music, technique, quality, but a remarkable experience, with the emotion that vibrates in each song. The DJ, graduated from AIMEC (International Academy of Electronic Music) has already gone through clubs and parties in Curitiba, where he lives today, and also in the big cities of São Paulo, Goiânia, Florianópolis and Balneário. With his passion for music and the influence it brings to anyone who experiences his performances, Hadart delivers more than just a repertoire, but an artistic immersion in electronic music that instigates, envelops and marks the memory.

ROAZ. Electric and Exclusive, the project is transporting the audience to a unique vibe, generating from shivers to explosions of pleasure, and leaving the entire dance floor agitated! He likes to surprise the public, always inserting new elements in his productions and presentations: a connection between music, visual experience and energetic presence. With his goal in view, ROAZ presents consistent and musical quality work. Inspired by the works of renowned artists in the world of DJs.

Bee Yell is a DJ and Producer graduated from Anhembi Morumbi College in the Electronic Music course and from I.M.E (Institute of Electronic Music). He has already had some songs played on radio and television.

He has played alongside great DJs such as: Re Dupre, Hot Bullet, Groove Delight, Gabriel Boni, Mandraks, Le Paladino, Tom Keller, Kitty and many other DJs.

Eee Yell has Releases by labels such as: Vex.Distro, G-Mafia Records, 99 Waves Records (Italy), 3000 Deep (London), Lovely Tunes (Bulgaria), 4AllClub, 4AllRecords and others. He has already had his songs played on radio in Brazil, Japan, London and Spain.

The DJ and music producer Dan Crespo has joy as its main characteristic, making his shows full of good energy, thus providing memorable experiences for his audience!

His first track “Back Around“ reached over 120k plays in just 3 months of release and new tracks are on the way.

Dan Crespo has been working and investing heavily in his career as a music producer and leaves a message for his fans: “2022 promises to wait”

Bruno Brych is a Brazilian DJ and music producer, born in São Paulo, who brings in his 11-year career in the electronic music scene, a mix of musical genres that transit between progressive House, melodic techno and house for the creation of his tracks. In 2017, he was a finalist in the brazilian edition of Miller Soundclash djs world tournament, being among the 3 best djs in the country. In his shows he always seeks to tell a story, mixing musical styles and creating exciting and uplifting moments delivering a lot of energy on stage. Owner of the radio show "We love it, We play it" has been among the most listened podcasts in the world. He had support and already performed at festivals, parties and clubs with artists such as Armin Van Buuren, Kaskade, Gareth Emery, Markus Schulz, Avicii, EDX and many others.