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Vinícius Barros is the name behind the SUCREE project.

The DJ and producer has passed through more than 13 cities and with his unique performances he has been creating a loyal fan base that is eagerly waiting for new opportunities to meet him. With their career on the rise, SUCREE already has a full arsenal of tracks and collabs with big national names.

Ially Mazza is a DJ from Brazil who started the project in 2020. Brings influences foreign and national, forming the best possible combination for your set. The essence of your project is Melodic Techno, but depending on the proposal of the party the Deep House and Tech House strands can show up on your show. The DJ has copyright songs on all digital platforms and lives on her Youtube channel "Ially Mazza”. Ially plays a lot in Brazil and his project has been highlighted for her delivery on stage, for the connection she manages to create with the public and for her set spontaneously created at the time of the show.

Rafael Ziller is a DJ from Belo Horizonte, Brazil and started his project Rafa Ziller in 2020 in Portugal. Graduated in the DJ course at AIMEC in Portugal, the project brings an identity and inspirations from European and Brazilian sounds, with references from artists such as John Summit, Solardo, Chapter & Verse and Vintage Culture. The essence of the project is the Tech House, but it also brings with it the Progressive House and the Bass House, adapting better to the audience present.

One of the purposes of the Ziller Music project is to help people through electronic music. In this way, in 2020 he held a Live Benefit in Portugal, where he managed to help raise more than R$ 20,000 for the construction of the house of "Dona Montanhas" who lived in precarious conditions on the outskirts of Recife.

In addition, the project has been standing out for the connection generated by Ziller with its audience, it seeks to mix nostalgic songs with current ones such as commercials to the most underground, making their presentations always memorable.

An enthusiast for music, Sam Ferry has been on the electronic scene since 2017 and has achieved many goals since then. An uprising djane all over Latin America, Sam Ferry is a name to remember when talking about Tech House.

Starting his career in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, Bad Lazers is a duo formed by Vitor Neri and Sergio Carvalho, who soon after their first official release, won a contest and managed to release an official remix for the track "Best For You" by Like Mike, by the world-renowned duo; Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, with many roots of EDM, after all both also have separate projects focused on BigRoom and Hardstyle, called Jack El West (Vitor Neri) and Ranzen D Vega (Sergio Carvalho).