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José Victor Frias a.k.a Zeezo, Brazilian, 22 years, started his journey as a DJ and music producer in 2019, when decide to change his life's and pursuit his passion in the music industry.

Since his first release, Zeezo has been focused on bring indescribable feelings and vibes with his unique tracks. Inspired by great names of the industry such as CamelPhat, Lane 8, and Vintage Culture. With only 3 years, managed to show what he is coming for the world. Has already released with major labels from Brazil, and performed at great clubs from São Paulo.

"A musician must always be 100% honest in the studio. Zeezo will put everything he feels in his tracks."

Updated: Jul 16

MIKAA is a 22-year-old streamer who has always been passionate about music, started her project in the pandemic and now has been playing in electronic music with her darker and melodic vibes. "The idea of the song was for it to work on the dance floor and leave that striking bass that I like with melodies, a dark and dancing vibe."

Johnson Souza, known as JohnBXD is from Rio de Janeiro, born in Baixada Fluminense. He has been working in the musical field since adolescence, where he has traveled through different musical genres until today, acquiring experience that currently resulted in a career parallel to the stages of music producer. John says that being curious is his biggest motivation to always try new challenges, where he currently invests in his Mashups projects in which he manages to unite different styles, using all his versatility, giving a new look to already established songs. With the growth and national recognition of RAP and EDM, John believes to conquer the public with his authorial songs, produced by him in the “love song footprint” as he says.

Edgar Lopez aka "Edlez" Brazilian Producer currently lives in Asuncion Paraguay he started the musical world from an early age, Today he is climbing to the top of the scene. And already making his name known Internationally.