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We are honored to present a new official remix for GTA song 🎵of the year !

It such a pleasure work with Oleg Kvasha , who’s song was heard by millions of GTA fans around the world and @vallentmusic along with @lacca_music for making this remix happen!

Rodrigo Laccomb, is the name behind its purpose, to transform life through music. LACCA project has Rio de Janeiro roots, he started his career as DJ/Producer in 2018 and with only 1 "career year" performed at Serbia, Miami and Ibiza and in major national events such as Rio Dream Weekend and Paradisum Weekend. Boldness or competence?! LACCA mixes Techno, Tech House and a lot of groove in his sets, with amazing vocals. He became a great encourager of new talent, highlighted by the its brilliant curation.

Luis Valente, is one of the main producers and DJ of the Brazilian music scene. Has a background in piano and guitar, is a composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. He has taken several courses in London and Rotterdam, focusing on the music market, music production, sound designer, mixing and mastering. Project member Natema toured more than 200 cities in 15 countries and received awards for best music and best live act project in 2015, having been a reference in Beatport. Luis Valente is now dedicated to the VALLENT project, bringing all his experience and talent to the strands of Techno Melodico and Progressive House, with incredible and unique melodies that allow the audience to float on the track.

Oleg Kvasha, In 1970 (at the age of 12), under the influence of listening to the Deep Purple album "Deep Purple in Rock", he created a school ensemble called "Telyuschi", where he began to play the bass guitar. Since then, he has started his professional career as a musician. Over the next 10 years, he played in various popular bands. In 1994 he created a solo project and, together with the Green-Eyed Taxi group, as an author-performer, traveled all over Russia and Worldwide.

Edgar Lopez aka "Edlez" Brazilian Producer currently lives in Asuncion Paraguay he started the musical world from an early age, Today he is climbing to the top of the scene. And already making his name known Internationally.

Denise Buckle, singer and songwriter born and raised in Malta 🇲🇹🏝. At 26 years old, with a passion for music. Denise has been singing practically all her life and growing up, She also fell in love with writing her own songs and expressing her life emotions through her own music.

Get Lost with Me is my latest music release, together with the very talented @edlez_music. We are glad to release this track with @vex.distro and this is available on all digital platforms.

N1RVAAN, Formed in 2020 is a self-taught Dj/Producer who is experimenting with the music since 2011. As a musician He started his career as the Lead Vocalist in a metal band while pursuing his graduation. After playing lots of gigs all over the country, he thought of taking music to the next level by entering the Electronic Music world. He managed it by playing in Night clubs while working in an IT Company,

In 2020 he decided to launch 'N1RVAAN' and take it worldwide which offers groovy bass sound with melodic vibes including sub-genres like techno, melodic house and progressive. he believes the one who don't prefer energetic music will definitely like chill music.

So he created two modes for live performance, Power Mode & Chill Mode