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Updated: Feb 22

Monkeyz is successful wherever he goes. In addition to infecting the public with his energy and a lot of charisma on stage, the artist is highly praised for his productions, with partnerships with renowned artists in Brazil. Monkeyz has significant numbers, reaching the mark of 10 million plays on Spotify, the main digital music platform. Recently Monkeyz has been featured in influential electronic music magazines such as Phouse, DJ Mag and the acclaimed Rolling Stone.

FROZZI is the artistic project of the young Igor Frozi, who is a DJ and music producer. With 24 years old, FROZZI demonstrates his sound, which mixes the groove of house music, and a melodic touch, characteristics always present in his productions and live sets. Write down the name of FROZZI, because his trajectory in the international electronic scene is just the beginning.

Stage name "mahtuk" is also my last name. He started playing at parties in 2015 and producing in 2019. Currently 20 years old and I live in São Paulo, Brazil.

DJ and producer for a few years, producing songs that will bring great energy to the dancefloor, I started my Luccas Deo project in early 2020 and I seek to gain space in the national and international electronic scene.

A compelling DJ, signed international record producer and mastermind of a mixing engineer, Noah Carmichael is everything behind the fantasized music project 2 Points. The project gets its name from being “2 perspectives on music.” 2 Points is a combination between both Hip-Hop & House music. 2 Points is known for creating original Hip-Hop productions with featured rappers & singers, taking that production and creating house music around that original hip-hop production. You could think of this as remixing your own song however, 2 Points is calling this new genre “Trap House.” In recent years, 2 Points was able to go from an aspiring bedroom producer to a signed international record label producer signing deals with Jendex Records, Incursion Recordings, Bass Boost & Beast Trap. 2 Points has always been a diverse music producer. He started out producing electronic music, then eventually started producing Hip-Hop music. You may have heard some of his work with artists such as The Game, DNA Picasso, Boslen & more. It wasn’t until 2022 that 2 Points decided to combine both of these genres together in a way that has never been done before.